The simple model solved to t = 0.147 s so you can see the drop.

The complex model solved to t = 0.0009 s which is such a short time that there is no visible drop. I see that you requested an end time of 0.5 s but I can also see you have set the Output Controls to have Result number of frames to be 50. I told you before to make this a larger number like 500. Why did it only solve for such a short time?  Did you stop the solution or was there an error?  If it was the Energy Error, you have been told how to fix that above.

  1. There is no issue using Part Transform to move the part closer to the floor.
  2. When you use Drop Height, that calculates the initial velocity at t = 0 for you. It assumes the part starts the drop with zero initial velocity. You can have Standard Earth Gravity on in all simulations.