Hello Praneeth,

Thank you for ypur reply. I created two different design and I solved them for frequency sweep with different HPC options, solvers (direct or iterative), discrete or interpolating frequency, and saving all the fields option scenarios (there is check mark that says if you want to save all the fields for all the frequencies). The result can be found in the table below:

Some things to note: my license give me the ability to solve in parallel using only 4 cores.

Summary: when HPC is manual and I only ask for 1 task everything works fine. When HPC is manual and I ask for 2-4 tasks nothing works and the error code is 99. When HPC is in auto and I don't ask for savind the fields it works fine and solves 4 frequency in parallel. When I asked to save the fields it gave me an error 149. Table below can show the combination better.

Using direct or iterative solver does not change anything. Thank you in advance for your time.