One idea is to have two drop plates in the simulation, use Transient Structural and have two contact sets: Contact #1 for Drop Plate #1 contacting the Pulp and Contact #2 for Drop Plate #2 contacting the Pulp. Configure the Drop Plates so they are almost touching the Pulp and use an initial velocity to avoid spending time computing the free fall.

Use a series of steps and control which drop plate contact is active.

These are not the literal steps since it can take two steps to establish an initial velocity for example.

Step 1.  Drop Plate #1 has an initial velocity, Drop Plate #2 is supported and solve transient for 100 ms.

Step 2. Time Integration Off, support Drop Plate #1, turn off Contact #1.

Step 3. Drop Plate #2 has an initial velocity and solve transient for another 100 ms.

At the end you will have made two impacts on the same Molded Pulp Package.