Suwitcha Titaram

Thank you for your adviced.

Now i already try to do model again follow your recommend but i found a bit issued.

Could you please suggest from my below question ?


  1. I try to do again by re-model increase size around 100x. After run by anasys i found animation already drop but that animation do conflict by part drop unsmoothly. Why my model occur this ? That effected from 4 smaller part ?

How i can action for my part drop to smoothly and direct drop step by step as same 2nd vdo ?

from 2nd VDO i cut other part keep only one and try to analysis again.

The animation show same my requirement. 

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2. This program calculate from overall part and focus on smaller part than bigger part ?

That will be occur 1st VDO that part will be drop by unsmoothly direct drop because that occur from smaller 4 part  ?

Then if i suppress 4 smaller part out will be help to my animation already correct ?