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Two dimensional example:

If both row and column are greater than 1, the zero row and zero column are indices, so you will dimension row and column as one-less than number of rows and columns seen in the data file. The first row in the file is the column indices.  The first column in the file is the row indices.
ncols = 3
*get,nlines,parm,newstr,dim,2    ! nlines will be 4 from data file below
! empty lines at the end of file will hurt this setup, since it will dimension based on number of lines.

File "datafile.txt":

Indices must be ascending order, so this applies to data in the first row and first column.
*tread can use data as comma, tab, or space delimited.  Most all other code in APDL won't use tabs.
The first row and first column of data will not be seen when printing out the array since these are used as the indices.
When you get the data with *status, it will look like this:
row, col, value
1, 1, 0.0017787
2, 1, 0.0025841
3, 1, 0.0033896
1, 2, 5
2, 2, 7
3, 2, 10

The *tread will set up indices like this:
t300(1,0) = 0.002
t300(2,0) = 0.004
t300(3,0) = 0.006
t300(0,0) = 0    ! not sure if this can be used
t300(0,1) = 1.1
t300(0,2) = 2.5

data is set up like this as rows, cols seen from *status above:
t300(1,1) = 0.0017787
t300(2,1) = 0.0025841
t300(3,1) = 0.0033896
t300(1,2) = 5
t300(2,2) = 7
t300(3,2) = 10