Mangesh Bhide
Ansys Employee

Please try prepending the path to Mesa folder to LD_LIBRARY_PATH

example: Is Ansys is installed to /nfs/apps/ansys_inc/v221/Framework/bin/Linux64/Mesa and LD_LIBRARY_PATH is set to say /a/b:/1/2 etc etc
then set

LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/nfs/apps/ansys_inc/v221/Framework/bin/Linux64/Mesa:/a/b:/1/2 etc etc

then try launching Workbench. I would expect Mechanical to show graphics, but this will be using software rendering and slow. if slow, please look into graphics hardware and remote display methods which support hardware graphics acceleration

Note: a and b and 1 and 2 are not real folders and you need not set those, this is just an example to denote your existing path which may contain many such eentries separated by a colon