Hi DrAmine,

thank you for your reply.
It is clear that not all the reference values are populated from the boundaries, however, the ones of interest in this case that are not (the Area and the Lenght) are set in the general case file and they are not modified during the automated process. For what concerns the ones that are updated by the "compute from" command (density, velocity and pressure), they were not set to the right values in the first istance, when the computation was performed. However, after running the correcting juornal I described in the first post, they were set to the right value. From computing the ratio between the reference dynamic pressure computed with the old (wrong) values and the new (corrected and checked) values that I was expecting the same (inverted) ratio between old and nex values of the force coefficients (no other activity was performed, no additional modifications or iterations).

Instead what I get is the situation depicted in the table, please note that for each angle of attack (AoA) we are referring to the same case, and even in this case you can see a huge difference in the ratio for caf and cn, which are force coefficients computed on the same surfaces, just different directions.

The case in exam is approximately an ogive-cylinder body the meaning of the coefficients are:

caf: axial (x) force coefficient (forebody)
cn: normal (z) force coefficient
clm: moment about y axis
cat: axial (x) force coefficient (total)

The first three are computed on the whole body except the base surface, cat is computed including the base. All of them are defined whith the preset force monitor option. So no expressions on my side.