Deyu Li
Ansys Employee

Hi, you would need draw a polyline in front of the stator tooth and outside of band object, and there are two methods to do that:

1. Field report. If you are using version 2022R2 or newer, you can enable harmonic force calculation and create harmonic force report which has the radial and tangential force plot vs frequency over time.

2. Field calculator. You can create named expressions using field calculator to right the equation. Here is an example to calculate radial&tangential force in 2D Maxwell: 

1) Create Bradial and B tangential first: Bradial:ScalarX(ToCylindrical(,offset<0mm, 0mm, 0mm>))

                                                               Btangential: ScalarY(ToCylindrical(,offset<0mm, 0mm, 0mm>))

2) Create radial and tangential force from 1): Fradial: /(-(*(Bradial, Bradial), *(Btangential, Bttangential)), *(mu0, 2))

                                                                        Ftangential: /(*(Bradial, Btangential), mu0)