Hasan Ilker ÇELİKER

we set the damage 
temperature of the substrate surface to 100 ◦C. The assumptions and 
strategies in the model included by: 
(a) Based on the volume fraction, the fiber distribution is considered to be uniform, and the gap between the fiber and the resin matrix is ignored; 
(b) The absorption rate of the laser on the model surface is constant and does not change with time; 
(c) The heat released or absorbed from the paint decomposition and oxidation are ignored.

T(x, y,z, 0) = Tf 
All faces of 3D workpiece model, except the top surfaces, are assigned to be the adiabatic boundary condition. 

∂n |left,right, front, back, bottom = 0

The heat loss on the upper surface of the workpiece is caused by 
convection and radiation. 

⃒top = h(T − Tf) + εσ(T4 − T4f) 
h, ε, σ and Tf are heat transfer coefficient (10 W/(m2∙K)), the emissivity of the paint, Stefan-Boltzmann constant (5.67 × 10-8 W/m2∙K4),and surrounding temperature (20 ◦C), respectively.