Hamid Sarhan

Thanks Jim for your response, in my simulation I assumed the composite material to be flate plate and for thsi case the *CONTACT_ERODING_SINGLE_SURFACE was working fine. However, when I tried to model the palte with curvature for same boundary conditions this model was not working. Now I assumed a zero cohesive layer between the different layers. In the experimental the impactor was not penetrated the plate but in my simulation the impactor is penetrated.

More information

The layers were modelled as solid elements and these layers were sperated by a zero thickness choesive layers 

For Material model I used MAT_54/55 for the plates and MAT_138 for the cohesive layer

The issue now even with the Cohesive layer the impactor is penetrating the plate, is there any advise that I can follow to overcome this problem


Thanks in advance