Erik Kostson
Ansys Employee





Even though I cannot comment on this (results and apdl snippet - perhaps some other forum users that use this element can), I would like to suggest the current elements (solid187) and using the Menetrey-Wilam or DP concrete models, for modelling this type of structure and failure.

Menetrey-Willam (

(Solid65 is an old legacy which is mesh sensitive and can produce different results for different meshes)

There are many posts in this forum on using this approach and I have written it in an old post (it does not exist anymore as it was in the old forum) a small tutorial on how to do a punching shear example.

Also in help we can find some examples tech demo 49 and 52

49.1. Introduction (

For reinforcement use the reinforcement element/option in workbench.

Hope this helps and all the best