David Mercier
Ansys Employee



It can happen that you don’t have a perfect match between the property name you have on the reference document/datasheet and the property name in Ansys (for example modulus of elasticity in flexion… maybe you could use the corresponding value for ‘Elastic modulus’ or ‘Young’s modulus’ in the section Linear Elastic). In this case it is a matter of definition, ontologies…and assumptions. Elastic properties in flexion can be very near elastic properties in tension if the material is isotrop for example.

It can happen as well that a specific property doesn’t exist in our list of material properties, and then you don’t use it, you try to use the ‘Custom Material Models’ or you can use Ansys MAPDL to create a user defined material behaviour: https://www.ansys.com/blog/what-is-apdl

Hope this can help.