Subhash Arya

Firstly, I followed the suggestion given by @Lito. Even I uninstall and then re-install both Ansys and Lumerical software. I further tried the above four steps, as shown in the images. The problem could not be solved. Are you sure you provide a KLayout-Lumerical Interconnect API integration license with the edX course? I wrote my problem in the discussion section of the Edx course on Silicon Photonics as, "I think Ansys Lumerical should also provide below license: "Product: INTERCONNECT and Automation API - Teaching License, Quota: 1 Product: KLayout Interoperability - Teaching License, Quota: 1" This time Ansys Lumerical provided Multiphysics, Mode, FDTD and "Ansys Lumerical INTERCONNECT license" only.  " But no one responded.