Aye Sandar Kyaw

Hello, Saurabh

Actually, I just exported the static pressure (gauge pressure) from the pressure contour lines of post-processing. In order to get the absolute pressure, I sum it up using the equation that I mentioned. As I said before, changing the operating pressure does not change the gauge pressure result in my simulation. 

For example, if the gauge pressure is 100 Pa and I set the operating pressure as 100000 Pa, then the absolute pressure becomes 100100 Pa according to the equation. However, if the operating pressure is set to 50000 Pa, because of not changing the gauge pressure of 100 Pa in my simulation, the absolute pressure becomes 50100 Pa. For that reason, I don't know if this is correct or not and I am confused and having difficulty finding absolute pressure.

I also knew that obtaining the absolute pressure in setup by using Results - Reports - Surface Integrals - Area Weighted Average - Absolute Pressure

However, that only gives the selected region. What I want to get is all the exported gauge pressure as absolute pressure. 

If you have any idea about that, I welcome all the comments.

Thank you.