Lito Yap
Ansys Employee

Just to clarify, Is the Ansys license manager up and running and showing the licenses that are available for checkout and you can open and run Lumerical? i.e. FDTD/MODE/INTERCONNECT directly?

Or are you still getting the licensing error indicated in your post? 

I am getting Ansys License Manager Error, namely that “lumerical_gui does not exist”. License Path: 1055@localhost, FlexNet Licensing error:-5,147.

If you are still unable to open Lumerical directly with the above error please edit your "License.ini" file and change "domain=2".

See this KB article for details:> Specify license manager location non-graphically – Ansys Optics And this KB page for the location of the License.ini file on your computer:> Ansys Lumerical product preference files – Ansys Optics