Ming han Jia

The version of LS-PrePost I use is v4.9.12-16Dec2022The version of LS-Run is as follows. I have some problems when using the *IGA series of keywords to do a simple compressed entity simulation, and I would like to ask you for advice:

Case description:

  As shown in the figure below, The No. 1 face of the cuboid cylinder is fixed, and the No. 2 face is compressed.


1: For the fixed surface No. 1, can I use *boundary spc set to fix all control points on the No. 1 surface to achieve the fixed effect of the No. 1 surface?

2: For applying pressure on surface 2, can I use *load node set to apply pressure to all control points on surface 2 to achieve the effect that surface 2 is under pressure as a whole?

3: When I used the above method for implicit analysis, some errors occurred. Do you know where the errors occurred?