Ansys Employee

Since you are using workbench polyflow, after finishing the RUN 0 setup, update the solution of RUN 0, so you get the solution file of RUN 0.

You can then do duplicate the setup of RUN 0 to form a new setup file. You can rename it to RUN 1.  This is equivalent to you bring in a new polyflow componenent on schematic and import the .msh and the .dat file of RUN0 into the Setup of RUN 1. Then,  edit the Setup of RUN 1, enter FEM task, and enter define sub-model menu, and delete the dub-model 1 defined in RUN 0 which fixes the temperature, and exit the define-sub-model menu. This time, the temperature field will be solved. By adding evolution on the scaling factor of the viscous heating is to stablize the thermal calculation.

Hope this clarifies.