Ming han Jia

  There are a few more questions I would like to ask you:
  1: In the *LOAD series of keywords, I found the two keywords *LOAD_FACE_XYZ and *LOAD_FACE_UVW, which keyword should we use when we apply a uniform pressure to a surface of a solid? 

  2:   *LOAD_FACE_XYZ and *LOAD_FACE_UVW need to be associated with *IGA_FACE_XYZ and *IGA_FACE_UVW respectively. But "Nurbs 3D" cannot generate *IGA_FACE_XYZ and *IGA_FACE_UVW keywords. How should these keywords be generated? Do users need to manually write keywords content by themselves?

  3:Taking the *LOAD_FACE_XYZ keyword as an example, where should we determine the direction of the uniform pressure action?