We're not talking student version, we spend $50K/year on ANSYS products, thank you very much 😀 Is this forum for students only? If that's the case, then forgive me for asking a question on the commercial product.

I'm talking about actual, paid-for, professional use ANSYS Discovery 2023 R1 that doesn't allow for importing f3d even though it should and has for several years. I have a support call into our VAR (Rand) but I was trying to get to the bottom of this myself as it's been 24h without an answer... We have 2 Discovery Licenses available as the import fails... Discovery and Spaceclaim work fine apart for this, sending to Workbench seems to work until the geometry needs to be brought in. Again, this worked until 2022R2 or until our license renewal in 2023.


This seems to indicate that there is no license for f3d in our commercial version???

And right in Workbench, all is good at step 1, and break right after that with a "license not available". It also locks up Fusion 360, but that's an other story to be worked out be Autodesk...