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Just to clarify a bit.

We do not need both displacement and symmetry condition (set sym. normal to Z) on those faces (XY-plane) in order to prevent them from moving in Z. 

The symmetry in Z is applying a fixed DZ restrain on these nodes (it will be showing as a frictionless support) – this is clearly visible in the ds.dat file (this is the main file created by mechanical – you can find in the proj. dir.) that Ansys reads and solves with the APDL solver.

So this (symmetry condition) is enough on its own to prevent the movement in Z. You can like we said also skip this and use the other option a displacement condition with a fixed Z. So one or the other not both are needed.

Hope this makes it all clear.


ds.dat extract of symmetry condition with z-normal

/com,********* Frictionless Supports Z *********
         3         4         5         6         7         8         9        10
        11        38        39        40        41        42        43        45
        46        49        50        53        55