Yes, I made two bodies deformable and both pipes appeared as I wanted. But now I have new problems. I divided them into two sections.

  1. I pass the deformed value of the inner tube from the buckling module to the static analysis to load it and it bends inside the outer tube like a string and rests against the walls of the outer tube. But when I load the inner tube, nothing happens even more than the loss of stabilization, the tube simply shrinks along the axis. Although I transferred the deformed state of the pipe with static analysis. Here are the screenshots


2. Then I tried to make the inner tube shrink inside the other tube like a string, I pressed it in the middle against the other tube, and then pressed along the axis. But here's the problem, there is no contact between the pipes, they pass through each other. I tried all the methods including touch control, also I changed the pinball radius, nothing helps. Here are the screenshots

Help me please.

I have attached the project for the second problem.