Hi Khash,

Thank you very much for the response! I'll answer your suggestions section by section.

1- I indeed ran the simulation without the 2D layer and it worked perfectly fine. So the problem is with the 2D layer.

2- I cannot verify the simulation as a 2D simulation since there is no symmetry in any direction. I must run the simulation as 3D simulation.

3-A- The example above is with a mesh constraint, and it didn't work.

3-B- I tried to run it as you said, but my computer just can't stand it. It doesn't have enough resources.

4- I also tried to run it as "Advancing front" but as it is said in the article you gave me, it doesn't support mesh constraint. So when I put minimu edge length that is in nanometer scale, it just doesn't work.

I ran the simulation again with the mesh constraint, and I see that it is stuck for hours on the next job "SplitSeparateFaces":

I mean, the simulation is running, and it consumes slowly the disk memory of my computer (about 40GB), and all this time it is stuck on "SplitSeparateFaces". What should I do?

This is where the job manager is stuck at:

I would be grateful for a response.


Thank you very much,