Ana Regina Dehesa

Hi Peter,

Thank you once again for your helpful reply.

Here is the force convergence plot, the purple force convergence line does spend a lot of iterations below the force criterion line. There are no bisections. Would I take larger time increments just by increasing the time step? As of now my time step is 0.004 s for the first step (interference solving) and then 0.001 s for the remaining 5 steps. 

Here is the google drive link to the stl file for the stent (thank you so much!):

As of now I checked (Solve Process Settings -> Advanced), and the Max number of utilized cores is 2.

I checked my Windows CPU ( System Information -> Processor) and I believe I have 12 cores, and a clock speed of 2.40GHz. 

I checked through the solver output and there was memory required for out-of-core solution, so I'm assuming the computer did not have enough RAM. 

Here is the complete text file as well:

Thank you!!! :)