Kalaiselvan B


Hello Reno Genest /  mabdelh3,

We need specific LS-dyna bundle.. ( Specific LS-dyna version, OS Version / image , compiler version, etc )

Can you please guide us the way to get these specific bundles .

Below LS_Dyna bundles we are looking for.

1) ls-dyna_mpp_s_R9.3.1-170-g6c782e1_x64_redhat54_ifort131_avx2_impi2018

2) ls-dyna_mpp_s_R9.3.1-170-g6c782e1_x64_redhat54_ifort131_avx2_impi2018​

3) ls-dyna_mpp_d_DEV-93703-g9ba359f16e_x86_CentOS610_ifort190_avx2_impi2018

Or please divert us to the right person to get the information.

Thanks in advance for your help!