Shi Kun

Hello, Vishal Ganore. I have encountered another problems and wish to get your help.

1.I use the multiphase Eulerian-Eulerian model, and  i  want to use the  collisional dissipation of energy of ourselves. It can be loaded in Fluent by the form of UDF when partial differential equation of granular temperature Model is used, however, the source term of granular temperature disappear when select the algebraic formulation. I want to know if there exist an interface of collisional dissipation of energy when choice the algebraic formulation.

2.In the UDF, i want to get the gradient of granular temperature, how can i realize it in ansys2023.I have tried the way C_T_G and set in the TUI: solve->set->expert, but there have some trouble.

I really wish to get your reply and thank you in advance.