Hi Ana Regina,

The model you show doesn’t look much like the actual stent retriever, so I think you need geometry that is closer to the actual part. If there is a relationship between the lab and Stryker, the lab could request a CAD file from Stryker, but details about the shape of these items tend to be confidential, so I don’t expect that will be fruitful. However if you have a physical sample of a stent in your lab, maybe there is a 3D scanner at the university that can digitize the shape of the part with decent precision. Let me know if that is possible.

Here is an interesting video I found on Stryker’s website.

I’m available all-day Friday (or Saturday) if you want to schedule a time to learn some geometry modeling methods that will help you develop better geometry for the stent. I found your school email address, so I will send you an email and you can reply with a Zoom invitation for Friday (or Saturday) if that suits you.