Burak Kılıç
Well, I already know that "different customers have reported cases where their ASNYS Workbench applications are not working as expected", since I have spent weeks on this particular problem. I also know that some people solved this problem with deleting their Asio4all driver, and some couldn't. The problem is, it's a VERY OLD issue, and it seems that ASNYS is not thinking of solving it yet.
Let's talk about the dlls:
Firstly, ANSYS is the LAST software that I install (actually I installed more than 20 times, I swear!).
Secondly, there is no dll such named libmmd.dll in my system32 folder.
Thirdly, libiomp5md.dll is from 19.11.2022, So, it's actually pretty new.
Lastly, the oldest CAD/CAE software is from 2019 (ABAQUS).
BTW, Installing ANSYS to a clean machine or reimaging OS is NOT a solution :)
STOP blaming 3rd party applications, it's clearly ANSYS.
Here is another bug, this one is from the website:
1. There is a post of the same issue (5 years old post, so stop blaming 3rd parties and fix it!)
2. I add my comment to this post.
3. So, this post can be seen under "My Posts" (In this phase, I wait about a minute to see results, WTF1? This is another bug, Bugception :D)
4. Then you click that button and can see there are a bunch of comments under the post :D, WTF2?
While ANSYS is the hardest to install and buggiest software I've ever seen, the ANSYS forum is the slowest and "only" buggy forum I've ever seen in my life. I'm 33, BTW. Please let me know if you "solve" the issue. Thank you :)