Alina Gardiasz

Hello Praneeth,

I need a support in Ansys Maxwell , electrical solvers. The software version I am currently working with is Ansys Electromagnetics Suite 2022R1.

There is probably 2023 version avialable - would you recommend me an update ?

The analysis that I am prepering concerns an electric field emission for the HV cables in the metal vs plastic casing. I would like to plot these results in the frequency domain.

I've already proceed with magnetic field analysis and results using Eddy Current solver, hence Maxwell has a magnetic and electric field solvers decoupled.

Trying multiple electric solvers I was not able to plot electric field outside the conductors. I've found though an information that there is a way to couple DC conduction and Electrostatic solver in Ansys Maxwell.

I would also appeciate your support concerning the electric field emission results in frequency domain - how can I achive such results ?


Hope to hear from you soon.

Kind regards,