Hi Peter, thank you for sharing the analysis!

I have a few questions about the setup and results:

  1. Why the displacement X=0 was set on the window edge? I mean, shouldn't the Axisymmetric condition already guarantee that? Would it be correct to set X=0 for the vertical edge of the metal shoulder?
  2. Why did you activated the Large Deformations option?
  3. I realized that I do not understand the concept of Principal Stresses.. I thought that they were stresses on the direction of a plane in which no shear occurs. Why then do you say the Maximum Principal Stress is the tensile and the Minimum is the compression? I'm having trouble to interpret these results..
  4. When looking at Minimum Principle, we can note a "mirrored" stress distribution in the interface between materials. How can I interpret these?
  5. Would it make sense to use the Normal Stress results in Y direction as the variable of interest? Or even the equivalent stress?

Also, the shoulder should be made from a radiation and corrosion resistant material. I considered stainless steel, but the manufacturers I talked so far were only able to provide hardened SS up to about 1400 MPa. Another possibility would be Tungsten. But first things first, I need yet to understand this simulation 😅

Please pardon my ignorance, and thank you so much for the help so far!