Reno Genest
Ansys Employee


What surfaces (shell elements) are you using to build the composite model in ACP? Could you post a screenshot?

I would verify the following:

  1. The oriented selection sets. Do they cover the appropriate elements? Is the layup direction (normal) to apply the plies correct?
  2. The order of the plies in the modeling group matters. Make sure the order is correct.

You will know if your layup is correct if it matches and looks like the designed part. Is it the case or not?

The modeling philosophy in ACP is to build the model as if you were making it in real life by following the manufacturing process. Lay down the first ply using the correct Oriented Selection set. Then, the second ply, and so on. How is this part made in real life?

Simplify the model and build on it to troubleshoot. Have only a few plies (2-3 plies). Is the layup correct? If you extrude the 3D model, does it look right? If so, keep going and add a few more plies. You should be able to identify the problem this way.

You will find an ACP training on the Ansys Learning Hub (ALH):

There is also a free course here:


Let me know how it goes.