Eric Chojnacki



1)  The Cadence Allegro software must be installed to get the extracta.exe utility.  Maybe a copy of the extracta.exe utility obtained from a different pc can be installed in any directory, or a manually created Cadence directory structure.  A typical path is C:\pcblib\apps\allegro\SPB_17.4\tools\bin\extracta.exe.
2)  The system environment path variable must have the addition of this extracta path.
     a.  In your pc Window Settings tool (gear symbol), search for environment and select something like Edit the system environment variables, or otherwise get to the System Properties popup, then click the button at the bottom Environment Variables…
3)  In the lower half of the next popup under System variables click the variable Path and click the button Edit…
4)  In the the next popup click the button on the right New and the next line in the list of paths will be editable, then paste the extracta path, such as C:\pcblib\apps\allegro\SPB_17.4\tools\bin and click OK‘s to close the 3 popups.  Re-boot your pc to enact the added system path.
5)  Now that extracta.exe is installed and on your system path, open ANSYS EDT, click menu File > Import > Cadence APD/Allegro/SiP… and select your .sip file to be imported.
6)  In the next popup check boxes to define any desired ports and such.
7)  To make the imported wireframe-type model more legible, click the menu View > Display Mode > Solid.