Benjamin Walz

Hi Rob, thank you for your answer.

My current model does not take solar radiation (eg through a window) into account. I will model solar radiation in a later step.

The local velocity of air is used to calculate the PMV, but as far as I know, for the Draught rate I need a measure for local turbulence. I am slightly confused with the terminology here, since in german there is something called "Turbulenzgrad", which translates approximately to "turbulence intensity". Its defined locally as follows:

TU = 100 * standart deviation of velocity / mean velocity    [%]    This is how i measure turbulence in the laboratory. The measurements are used to "calibrate" my CFD-Model.

I found following equation in Fluent theory guide:

Tu = 100/u *(k*2/3)^0.5    ,unit is also % i guess.

Do these two expressions describe the same?

I do have access to the customer portal, I couldnt find something on this in Solutions. Can I ask for a hint where exactely to look for such a udf?