Ning Xing


Hi Wenlong, 

When we run an interference fit simulation by using two cylinders, what kind of Support needs to be set?

If any Support is not set, the Interface Pressure and Stress are well matched with analytical results, please see Fig.1, Fig,2 and Fig.3.

The Material of the two cylinders is Structural Steel. The inner and outer radius of the inner Cylinder is 25mm and 50mm. The inner and outer radius of the outer Cylinder is 49.8mm and 75mm. The interference fit is 0.2mm.

However, the Deformation is not right, please see Fig.4.

Thanks for your answering.

Fig.1 Interface Pressure


Fig.2 Radial Stress of Inner Cylinder

Fig.3 Radial Stress of Outer Cylinder

Fig.4 Total deformation