Christian Berger

Thanks so much for the info! I believe I've recreated what you have, but every time I try to solve, I get the following error: "An error occurred while starting the solver module. Please refer to the Troubleshooting section in the Ansys Mechanical User Guide for more information."

No further info is given so I'll describe my setup in the hopes that what I've missed is very obvious.

The geometry is shown below. One surface and six beams are present; all other bodies are suppressed. The surface represents the top side of the top platform. The program asked for a thickness so I gave it a thickness of 2mm (extruded downwards). All bodies are Structural Steel for now.

The resulting mesh is shown below:

A fixed joint is defined between the surface (Reference) and all the six top vertices of the flexures (mobile):

Another fixed joint holds the bottom two vertices of the unmoved flexures to ground:

A translational joint constrains the bottom vertices of the moveable four flexures to move in the upward direction:

A 1mm upward joint displacement is applied to this translational joint:

Have I missed something important in my setup? I'm particularly concerned about how I define the top surface - yours appears 2D, but the program won't allow me to set mine to 2D.

Thanks again for the help!