Pankaj Kumar Sahoo

I am using the following script to plot Reflectivity and Phase extracted from period and fillfactor sweep. 

sname = "period";
period = getsweepdata(sname,"period");
fillfactor = getsweepdata(sname,"fillfactor");
S = getsweepresult(sname,"S");
T = getsweepresult(sname,"T");
R = getsweepresult(sname,"R");
nd = length(fillfactor);

# Phase in terms of period and fillfactor [S22_Gn for Reflection and S12_Gn for Transmission]
phase = pinch(angle(S.S22_Gn),1,1); # the dimension of S22_Gn is [frequency,radius,height], 
image(period*1e9,fillfactor,phase,"Period (nm)","Fill factor","Phase");
setplot("colorbar min",-pi); setplot("colorbar max",pi);

# Reflection in terms of period and fill factor
R0 = pinch(R.R_Gn,1,1); # the dimension of R_Gn is [frequency,radius,height]
image(period*1e9,fillfactor,R0,"Period (nm)","fillfactor","Reflection");
setplot("colorbar min",0); setplot("colorbar max",1);


After this I am unable to write script on how to map the phase and reflection to get the period and fillfaactors for which reflection is more than 90%.


Please hel me.