If you installed Ansys Student 2022 R2 and you open the archive file I provided, if you hit the Solve button, it will start solving.

For the MPP material, you need to provide a failure criterion such as the total strain when failure occurs, often called Elongation, or the Ultimate Tensile Strength. When this first block compresses the MPP, the Total Strain reaches 0.935 in the simulation, which is probably way past the point when failure occurs. However, because failed elements that should have been removed were not, the simulation stops with an error that the element is turning inside out.  Remeshing the part with smaller elements might make the model run longer. It took about 75 minutes to solve to this point. It will take longer with more elements.

Note that this model is slightly off from the solid you had.  I took the outer surface of the solid, but then instead of using the Mesh Pull inward, I pulled the mesh outward, so the MPP is 1.5 mm larger than it should have been.  You can redo it by copying the inner face and pull it outward. I think pulling inward is likely to create bad elements.