Yannik Danner

Hey, yes thats what I expect. Caclulating weights and lengths is meaningful.

This is my moment-inversion:

                                      QP0                           QP1                   QP2
 Length (m)                8.542875e-03        6.586689e-03        5.078440e-03
 Volume Fraction        9.340751e-02        3.345744e-01        7.201864e-02
 DQMOM-m4 (m)       7.979686e-04        2.203738e-03        3.657423e-04

I have 3 secondary Phases (Air1, Air2, Air3).

For BC is used: QP0 -> Air1; QP1 -> Air2 and QP2 -> Air3 (volume fraction and dqmom-m4).

When starting Simulation I expected that the Sauter-Diameter for each phase at the inlet is:

Air1 ~ QP0(length); Air2 ~ QP1(length); Air3 ~ QP2(length);

But all Sauter Diameter start at 0.001 m (thats what i defined the min Size). Its not even in the NDF what i used for inlet BC.

Why? how to define these diameter values? They are the essential values for calulating velocity.