Shawn Ren

Hello Mr. Prashanth, 

Thank you so much for your detailed answer to the verification case part. It helps me a lot. Yes, I also worked with 22R2 version. 

Sorry for the late reply. I need to confirm whether having lowRe model disabled has a big impact. I remember I used to disable the lowRe model in the previous case, but at that time I used fixed temperature wall boundary conditions, although some former cases didn't crush, there was no vapor generation even with a very high wall temperature. Later I changed to simulate it with heat flux wall boundary conditions as this post shows.

Unfortunately, I just tried the current case without lowRe model, and it ran for more irritations but still diverged. I looked through all threads about boiling in our ANSYS forum, tried most of the general suggestions like ensure enough y+, keep only more important interphase forces first, etc. but it didn't work for my case. So I wonder about the applicability of the CHF boiling model. 

Any further help is very much appreciated.