Rabia Altunay

I could not maybe explain very well. Let me give more details. I want to write a code file with Matlab or Python for stress analysis. As you might know, this is very limited and long process directly in a programming language that is why, I want to use Ansys to simulate the design and obtain the results of stress analysis. If I do this in Workbench, there is no way to take the simulations and put the inside of the any kind of code file -as I have known. If there is a way, please inform me. 

For this reason, Workbench is not a good plathform for me. I need to design geometry and then mesh, give boundary conditions and have results. BUT at the end of the simulation, I want to able to take the all process outside of Ansys like in fluent (journal file).

Is there any way to execute the simulation like in the fluent for stractural analysis?