I like the idea of using the named selection but i don't know how to execute that

I don't think this will work directly because i have only one body

targets = BodySelection.Create(GetRootPart().Bodies[0])
tools = BodySelection.Create(GetRootPart().Bodies[2])

for this to work i believe i need to have two bodies.

I have a script that can create named selections for the edges.

so lets say in the above example itself i create a named selection called group5, group6 and group7

how would i go about this?

I have only one body.

I think this will be a clean process

  1. i will split the body based on the named selection of the edge
  2. Using the two bodies created bodies use the above commands you mentioned to remove the second body

(targets = BodySelection.Create(GetRootPart().Bodies[0])
tools = BodySelection.Create(GetRootPart().Bodies[2])
options = MakeSolidsOptions()
result = Combine.Intersect(targets, tools, options)
newBodies = result.CreatedBodies
selection = BodySelection.Create(newBodies)
result = Combine.RemoveRegions(selection)

do you think this workflow will enable me to achieve what I am trying to do?

if this will work then the first question that i have is what commands do i use to split the body based on the named selection of the edges that will enable me to create two bodies. please let me know.