Amrita Pati
Ansys Employee

Hello Anish,

Far field projections are generally used for isolated structures as opposed to periodic ones. The farfield functions assume the fields to be 0 outside the monitors by default. Therefore, if the monitor is not big enough to have all of the radiation pass through it then the farfield results will be inaccurate. In such a case, the distance of the monitor from the structure might also affect the projections depending upon the amount of radiation passing through the monitor at each location.

But more importantly, for periodic structure like gratings in your case, you will have to consider a few other things. If you have a definite number of unit elements in the grating, you may enable the “Assume Periodic option in far field projections”. For more information, please refer to the following link:

If you have a grating extending infinitely, then you should use grating projections. More information can be found on:

Thank you.