Hello Akshay, thanks for the response!

This option does work, but it’s still not exactly what I need. I would like to define a longitudinal path in the center of the contacting surface, and get the result along that path. I could split the face in two, use both in the contact definition and then scope the CONTPRES result to the central edge, but that way it is still not possible to get the chart Position x Pressure that I want. Creating a path on the edge also does not help. Apparently it is not possible to scope CONTPRES to a path (or at leat I could not manage to do so).

The workaround I am doing now is exporting a txt file for the whole contact surface, and then in Excel I filter the data  to get the central nodes results only. That works, but it is quite tedious, prone to error and could be very demanding depending on how many scenarios I would like to compare. Also, it depend on having a mapped/structured mesh on the face of interest, which is not always possible.

So in case you have another suggestion, I would be pleased to hear it.