Hello @SaiD,

Thank you for you reply.

  1. Since I did my transient thermal using Mechanical APDL and Imported the transient thermal load using workbench in static structrual as one of my boundary conditions. Secondly, the base plate was clamped in the vise during the printing. So I made all four side of the base plate to the fixed support. Also the bottom surface and the top surface as a frictionless support(not sure if this is correct to assign it or not). I was more interested in lookinag at the deformation of the  build material rather than deformation of the base plate. Thirdly I copied all the trasient time step and paste it in the analysis setting of static structural as shown in figure 2 above.
  2. I tried to implement the element birth and kill while performing  static structural simulation since the element activation should be the same in thermal-structrural process. But I dont know how to implement same element activation and deactivation process with time in static structural in workbench. I copied the time history from thermal to static structural.
  3.  I am performing the transient thermal in SI unit. I also made sure while importing to workbench to make SI unit. but whenever I import the result I get the same warning.