Amrita Pati
Ansys Employee


I apologize for the late response. The quantities recorded by the monitor are in SI units by default. So, E is in V/m and T is unitless as it is the power transmitted through the monitor, normalized to the source power. More information on the units of different quanities can be found on the following page:

In the screenshots, I see that the structure ends within the simulation region. It is always recommended to extend the structure through the PML boundaries to avoid unnecesary reflections (please refer Always extend structures through PML boundary conditions). For example see the screenshot below for a ring resonator:


I would suggest you to extend the structure and rerun the simulation for more accurate results. 

For SU8, I suppose you're loading index/permittivity data into the material database. I would also suggest that you check that the material fitting of all the materials (especially the uploaded data) are accurate in the Material Explorer.

Since this is a broadband simulation, make sure that you've selected "broadbad" in the effective index tab of varFDTD Simulation Bandwidth, shown below:

Thank you.