Nicolas Riviere

Hi Haitham,

The Motor-CAD-OptiSLang export functionality is only available for machine topologies where both the selected stator and rotor templates can be parameterized with ratios.

As of today, the ratio mode is available for the following rotor and stator types:

  • Stator types:
    • Parallel Tooth
    • Parallel Slot
  • Rotor types
      • All surface magnets
      • All inset magnets
      • All embedded magnets
      • V-Simple
      • V-Web
      • U-Magnet
    • IPM
      • All rotors
    • SYNC
      • All rotors

It is planned to develop the ratio mode for other rotor and stator types but I don’t know when it will be released I’m afraid...However, if you want to parameterize an IPM Interior Flat, I would suggest to use the Interior U-Shape rotor type instead, and tweak the parameters so that you end up with flat magnets.

For that purpose, you can select one single layer of magnets and set all parameters related to the Outer layer to 0 (see attached).

Some useful tips, if you do not already know them:

  1. you can round the air pocket and magnet regions from the Input Data -> Settings -> Geometry tab in the Corner Rounding section.
  2. if you right click on any parameter name of the Geometry tab the drawing on the right will instantly move to show you the effect of this parameter.

Hope that helps,

Nicolas Riviere