Matthew Buk

Additional information.  I am seeing similarities to the issues others are reporting (i.e. Ansys Workbench 23 and 22 Licensing problem).

On the client, if I launch Fluent 2023 R1 it works; client gets a license and the flex server logs update to reflect:

10:12:06 (lmgrd) TIMESTAMP 2/22/2023
10:16:02 (ansyslmd) OUT: "cfd_solve_level2" user1@computer1 [14116]
10:16:05 (ansyslmd) OUT: "cfd_solve_level1" user1@computer1 [14116]
10:16:09 (ansyslmd) OUT: "cfd_base" user1@computer1 [14116]
10:17:12 (ansyslmd) IN: "cfd_base" user1@computer1 [14116]
10:17:13 (ansyslmd) IN: "cfd_solve_level1" user1@computer1 [14116]
10:17:13 (ansyslmd) IN: "cfd_solve_level2" user1@computer1 [14116]
However, on the same client, if I launch Workbench 2023 R1, I get the following client side error twice (server Interconnect and FlexNet logs do not post anything new, but I do see receive lines on the server firewall log for the lmgrd port and vendor daemon port):

Connection timed out while reading data.  The application has stopped waiting for a reply.  The license server may be experiencing a high demand or a temporary outage. Try again later.
Followed by client side error:
License server lost for 5 minutes. Please save your work.
License server will time out in 55 minutes if not reconnected before.
License path:
FLEXlm Servers:

The server performance indicators (CPU/RAM/NETWORK) do not seem taxed at all. Again, only some clients are experiencing this issue.  At the time of this test, only one other customer was connecting to the license manager.
On the client, using 'Ansys License Settings 2023 R1':
  1. FlexNet Publisher-->License Servers-->test = green check mark (after a few seconds)
  2. FlexNet Publisher-->Features in use = "lmgrd is not running" License server mahcine is down or not responding. (-96,7:11001 "WinSock: Host not found (HOST_NOT_FOUND)")

On the server, using 'Ansys License Manager Release 2023 R1':

  1. 'View Status/Start/Stop License Manager' =
    The license manager is running
    Licensing Interconnect: running
    Licensing Interconnect Monitor: running
    FlexNet Licensing: running

I could really use some help with this issue.

- Matt