Ansys Employee

Hello Mit,

What application are you using? Share topology is not done as part of the mesher. This is done inside SpaceClaim or DesignModeler. SpaceClaim has a built-in mesher which is a more advance multizone, but otherwise the geometry is usually transferred to the Meshing Application or Mechanical inside workbench for meshing (there are a few other choices on where to mesh and transfer from there).

I am not familiar to this error, but the term "platform" refers to the operating system, such as Windows 10, 11, Linux Red Hat Enterprise 7, 8 , etc... The following page shows supported operating systems per application for Ansys 2023 R1 products:


I see a mention of the unbound variable error in Fluent knowledgebase solution 2041270:

Check to see if you have the below variable defined. If not, please define it.

LANG = en_US



This issue has been seen with :
RHEL 6.7 machine
German language