Hannah Korte

Hi Peter,

I see what your saying. However, I imported my geometry from solidworks, as I'm not well versed with modeling in SpaceClaim. Is there a way to convert imported geometries into line bodies?  

The braid does just sit on the outside. There is a tiny bit of clearance in between the bellows and the braid fibers. It's supposed to help minimize the expansion of the bellows when subject to pressure (which is what I am trying to test). 

Also, I messed with the mesh some more and got the nodes and elements down. The mesh is not very good but I wanted to run it anyway just to see what would happen. For whatever reason I am still getting the error that "Your product license has numerical size limits.." This doesnt makes sense because I have ran simulations before with more nodes/elements and have not gotten this error. Any ideas on what else this numerical size limit could be?

Thanks !