Bill Bulat
Ansys Employee

Are you using MAPDL directly of Mechanical with command objects?

I'm not perfectly clear on what you want to do or if it can be accomplished. When you SOLVE after the CYCLIC command has been issued, the first things that happen (before the solution is calculated) is a duplicate sector of the original sector is created and I think too that constraint equations are internally and transparently created that relate the nodal DOFs on the periodic sectors. Looking at the documentation of the CE command,

"The first unique degree of freedom in the equation is eliminated in terms of all other degrees of freedom in the equation."

So I would imagine that DOFs of at least some of the nodes on the periodic sectors will not be included in the system stiffness matrix.

Do you want a stiffness matrix of only the original sector or do you instead want one including both the original and duplicate sectors? I think the latter is possible, though my guess is that terms for some of the nodal DOFs on the periodic sectors will be missing.

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