Reno Genest
Ansys Employee

Hello Rajesh,

Were you able to find an error message on one of the mesXXXX files?

You ran the model on how many cores? Can you try a different core count? 

Have you tried running double precision?

Also, which MPI are you using (Intel MPI? Platform MPI?). Have you tried with a different MPI? 

You can use the *CONTROL_MPP_IO_LSTC_REDUCE keyword to get the same results with different MPI. Here is what the user manual says:

"For numerical consistency, LSTC_REDUCE was developed to ensure a deterministic
summation order. This keyword gives identical results while using
the same decomposition and core counts but different MPI algorithms."


You can download the LS-DYNA manuals here:


Let me know how it goes.